Post-Acute Care

Post-Acute Care
At Fairview

Our post-acute program provides comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation therapy following surgery or a debilitating illness. Therapists take into consideration the age and different levels of endurance of patients and individualize their programs to let patients work at their own pace, enabling them to reach their full physical potential.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Experienced Team of Therapists to Meet Your Short & Long-Term Needs

  • Fairview’s rehabilitation staff includes licensed and professional physical, occupational and speech therapists.
  • We provide short- and long-term rehabilitation programs designed by our multidisciplinary team. Goals are discussed with the residents and their families to ensure optimal outcomes.
  • Our therapists provide home evaluations when appropriate to ensure a safe discharge from Fairview to home.
  • For the long-term resident, the therapy department monitors function, feeding and seating needs, providing services when necessary.
  • Fairview is committed to assisting our residents in gaining and maintaining the highest level of physical function. This commitment is reflected in the use of Restorative Aides, which enhances daily walking, range of motion and dining programs.

Comprehensive Cardiac Care Program

Fairview has partnered with Dr. C.W. Andrias, a highly respected community Cardiologist, to lead our cardiac program. Together, we have created a program that will help you regain strength, reduce your risk, and improve your quality of life.
Comprehensive Cardiac Care Program

  • observation & targeted assessments
  • medication management
  • nutrition counseling & fluid management
  • treatment of comorbidities
  • respiratory services
  • prevention of complications
  • patient education
  • availability of outpatient cardiac rehabilitation
  • post discharge follow-up communication

Program Components

  • rehabilitation services available 7 days a week
  • ECG and vital sign monitoring equipment
  • interdisciplinary team assessment & management
  • cardiology-focused consultations
  • specialized cardiac team education
  • availability of modalities (as appropriate)
    • electrical stimulation
    • ultrasound
    • diathermy
  • therapists experienced in applying modified principles of cardiac rehabilitation


See what our community has to say about our Post-Acute Care Programs.
“Thanks, love and prayers to all y second floor angels who cared for me during my stay at Fairview! And heartfelt appreciation to all who dropped in to chat and wish me well. Of course I can't leave out my P.T. life savers, not only for their expertise in healing me but for all the laughs we had! I won't forget. ”
I Won't Forget Jeanne Schneider
“I have been a resident for 3 weeks now. I came here from the hospital after a stay at another nursing home where I made little progress and was very discouraged. In my 3 weeks at Fairview I have made more progress in rehab than I achieved anywhere else. The rehab team always treated me with dignity and is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. I never felt like I am imposing and am amazed at how well everyone works together. I am grateful to the whole rehab department for their help and consideration. I feel so fortunate to be in their care.
Thank you and God bless you all.”
Knowledgeable and Thorough Eddy Trudelle
“The care from the nurses and aides was fantastic. My physical therapy went so well that I was able to return home after two weeks. I have made such great progress that the people where I live are amazed. Thank you for having such a good establishment and services.”
Fantastic Care Mrs. Beverley Richardson
“The physical therapy team went above and beyond my expectations. Their knowledge and training helped me immensely in my rehabilitation. They answered all my questions and gave me tips and helpful suggestions on how to handle certain situations once I got home. Their humor and hard work helped my stay to be so much better than expected.”
Above and Beyond Michael Ahrens
“The therapy staff was terrific. Their professional manner and constant encouragement enabled me to return home sooner than I had thought possible.”
A Speedy Recovery Mrs. Jean Dupont
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We were recognized as one of 2022’s Best Nursing Homes in short-term rehabilitation.

At Fairview, staff goes well beyond the needs of our residents. They promote an environment that provides choice, nurtures the human spirit and creates a kind, gentle, and more satisfying place to live and work.

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