Fairview Medal


Fairview Medal presented to Michael Mondello and Peggy Trakas, Fairview Community Partner Award presented to Groton Utilities and Longevity Awarded presented to five Fairview team members.

Once each year, the Fairview Odd Fellows Home of Connecticut honors two individuals who have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to Fairview over an extended period of time.  These men and women have risen above their peers by providing invaluable assistance to Fairview, whether through personal effort, selfless gifts of time, financial aid, or other behind-the-scenes involvement.  Without such people, Fairview could not maintain its high level of excellence.  This year’s recipients were Michael Mondello and Peggy Trakas and they were recognized at a special dinner held at Fairview on Saturday, April 25th.

medal dinner

In addition to honoring these two individuals, this year we were proud to present a new award, Fairview’s Community Partner Award.  This award is given to a business or organization in the region who has consistently offered its support to Fairview. Fairview presented this award to Groton Utilities in this first year as they have been a steadfast supporter of Fairview and our residents. 

Fairview also recognized five staff members who have been with Fairview for over 20 years each with the Longevity Award; Pat Colgan - for 23 years of service, Leah Genido - for 25 years of service, Karen Allen - for 26 years of service, Lisa Arnold has been with Fairview for 25 years, but before that she worked at Fairview for almost seven years with a total of almost 32 years of service, and Sandie Ellington - for 25 years of service as staff member and then an additional 10 years as a contractor for a total of 35 years as Fairview’s Hairdresser. These five staff members had a combined total of 141 years of service to Fairview and its residents. 

Fairview greatly appreciates the commitment from its staff and the continued efforts from the Community Partner Award recipient, Groton Utilities and the honored Fairview Medal recipients, Michael Mondello and Peggy Trakas. Their collective dedication and service to Fairview have been an inspiration.

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