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Mission Statement

The heart of our community’s mission is to embrace the value of our residents, families, staff and community.  Our value system nurtures, inspires and supports the mind, body and spirit throughout life’s journey. We are an organization committed to dignity, respect, health and wellness, a holistic approach, a homelike environment, education, advocacy and support.

At Guided Journeys our special care programs have been specifically designed to provide the level of assistance needed to improve the quality of life for our residents with memory impairment. Every aspect of Guided Journeys is tailored to meet the individual challenges of those living with memory impairment. We offer a calm and relaxed environment with social stimulation, nurturing personal care assistance, and a fully comprehensive activity program. Our staff is specially trained to respond to the unique needs of our residents while continually striving to maintain their dignity through independence.



"Your dedication allowed my father to fight his battle with Alzheimer's with dignity and in comfort."

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Individualized Care

  • All licensed and registered direct care staff and nurse aides who provide direct patient care to the Guided Journeys residents, initially receive not less than eight hours of dementia-specific training and a minimum of three hours of training annually thereafter.
  • A comprehensive individualized care plan is developed on admission and re-evaluated on a quarterly basis or with significant change.

Music & Memory

  • Music has tremendous influence over memory.  Hearing that one song can take you back to a wonderful moment in life.  Music plays an important part in everyone’s lives and since Guided Journeys is certified in music and memory those moments play on. 
  • We provide programs including music, cognitive and reminiscing stimulation, fine motor skill activities, physical activities, relaxing and sensory programs, outdoor activities, spiritual, intergenerational programs and proper nutritional snacks.

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