Fairview Testimonials

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Fine Care

“I'm writing to express my thanks to your staff for taking such good care of my mother, Virginia Pescatello. She's been with you on and off for the past year or two and is a permanent resident now. She always resisted the idea of staying in a place like Fairview, but she's now very happy to be there and feels most at-home. That is testimony to the fine care she receives and the quality of service she is afforded. My whole family rests easy knowing she's in good hands and we feel fortunate for that. So thank you on Mom's behalf and on ours. You're people are the best.”

Joseph Pescatello

Committed Care

“Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the dedicated and committed care your clinical team provided our mom. Although mom was not always easy going or patient, she was content while at Fairview. She maintained her personality and sense of humor throughout her stay. Thank you all for being a part of her last years, you were all special to mom especially Rhett.”

Jim Monahan & Jane Monahan Hylan

Kindness & Dignity

“Please accept my sincere gratitude for the way you treated my dear dad. The kindness & dignity you showed dad was so appreciated by my family. Whether it was Andrea's contagious smile, making dad laugh or Merisha always looking dad in the eye, talking directly to him, comforting him & us at the same time, we are so grateful. Even at the end, I'll always remember Merisha getting dad to blink his understanding and Andrea's careful, gentle touch when she needed to move dad. Again, you all displayed such kindness and helped our family on some of the saddest days of our lives. Thank you again for all you do!”

Susan Dipollina Driscoll


“We want to thank you all for giving our dad the most loving care for a peaceful passing. We could not have asked for a more perfect place for our dad's final days. The love and compassion shown by the staff was incredible and has brought us great peace. It was as if you were caring for a member of your own family. May God bless you all for the work you do everyday. We are forever grateful.”

Kelly Family

Second Family

“Rowena's family want to express our sincere thanks for all the years of care you provided her. You all became her second family. It was comforting to know that she was in safe hands being given loving care each day. We always enjoyed visiting as we would receive a warm welcome and updates on how Rowena was doing. We were comforted that you helped make her last days peaceful as she departed from this world to join her beloved husband, Marc, for eternal life. God Bless you all. Rowena DiMartino's Family Members”

Susan Dowling, Groton, CT

Gladly Go Back

“I had the pleasure of being a patient at Fairview after having multiple hip replacement surgeries. My second hip replacement at Hartford Hospital, I ended up abscessed and septic so they had to remove my hip and put in what is called a spacer that was filled with antibiotics. Unfortunately, I had been to a home in New London first that was top rated on the radio, but not so as a patient! At Fairview I have never in my life been treated so well by everyone I encountered. The nurses, the CNA's, the housekeepers, the Dietary dept (that even checks with you if you didn't eat much. Would you like something else? When in reality, I had eaten only 1.5 hours earlier when my family had brought in food to have with me.) They go out of there way to make sure you are happy with each meal! Right down to maintenance. One day my pull chain to light broke, maintenance tech was in room and I dropped something. I did not even have to ask, as fast as I had dropped it, he had swooped it, picked it up handing it back to me. With a smile on his face, when his job was done, asking me if there was anything else he could do to help me? Saying their PT and OT dept is great is an understatement! They made sure you got medicated before their time with you so you could do your very best. They are top notch. Encouraging you and telling you what you can safely do and what not to do as well. They also have a restaurant inside Fairview where you can go with guests to have coffee and a homemade dessert. Or a homemade meal. Nice to have guests and not be in your room. Like getting out, but without all the inconvenience of leaving. The food was Outstanding. The decor was that of a wonderful restaurant with the option of eating out on the deck overlooking the water. I cannot say enough about this wonderful place that took such great care of me. I am glad I was there when I was young enough to appreciate all of it (60). I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a nursing home. Know you have made the right choice, your family member is in great hands. I had told my family if they ever put me in a nursing home I would come back and haunt them every day of their lives! I amended it after my stay. I would gladly go to Fairview, if they deemed it necessary!!! No where else! To all that took such great care of me, I Thank You All. You made an impossible situation much better for me. ”

Norma Courville

Exceptional Staff

“To the exceptional staff, I just wanted to give you all my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful care you provided to my mother during her time at Fairview. You all went above and beyond with your care. Your warm, caring hearts and smiles were such a blessing to my mother and I. The level of respect, love, and true caring was amazing. This last journey I shared with my mom was a very difficult one and your warm caring hearts and the attention to the care and comfort of my mother will never be forgotten. I hope you all know how truly wonderful you are and always remember how important you are to your patients and their families. Without you, we would be lost! ”



“Thank you for creating an environment in which caregiving is supported in a way that fosters trust & compassion- both in patients and their families. Thank you for getting to know Martha as a person.”

Catherine Foxson

It was a "No-Brainer"

“I am sure you probably receive many of these letters, but as the dust settles, I would be remiss if I did not take a few moments to pass on my compliments to all the constituents who help make Fairview so special. I, like most of us, had envisioned my mom spending her final days in the comfort of her own home. As it gradually became evident that that was not going to happen, I started researching our next best option while considering her personal desires as well as her primary care and safety. Through past experiences with friends and relatives in other health care facilities, I became aware of what was available to my mom, but none quite measured up to Fairview. When the discharge staff at Lawrence & Memorial asked me where I would like my mom transferred, it was a no-brainer. My mom spent her next 3 1/2 years at Fairview, and I feel she was fortunate to have had so many skilled and caring staff looking out for her best interests. In her mind, I am sure the situation was not perfect, but in my mind, she was in the very best of of health care facilities. From the day to day custodial care, to the food service, to the bingo(one of my personal favorites!) and other recreational activities, to the social interaction, and the personal touches, I thank you all for your kindness, consideration, and expertise. I look forward to telling everyone I know about the great job you all do. With many thanks, Michael. ”

Michael McGuirk

Selfless Response

“May God bless you all for your kindness and expert care of my mother. For fourteen years our family has depended upon you all for our toughest needs and you've consistently gone above and beyond in selfless response.”

Jeanne & Mary Schneider, Groton, CT

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