Hair Salon

Fairview's on-site hair salon offers residents an array of services including hair cutting, styling, and permanent waving. The salon is open 5 days a week by appointment.

"Sandie's Clip Joint"

Affectionately known within the facility as "Sandie's Clip Joint," the hair salon is a nostalgic, friendly place where you can not only get your hair done, but also get a nice hot cup of coffee and a good laugh. It is very affordable and offers much interaction between the hairdresser, Sandie Ellington, and our residents.

Sandie has a cheerful presence throughout Fairview as she transports residents to and from the hair salon. Her exchanges of good humor and wit with residents are inspiring and uplifting.


235 Lestertown Road
Groton, CT 06340
(860) 445.7478

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