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Who owns Thames Edge at Fairview? ”

Unlike some communities in the area, which are owned by investors and managed by other companies, Thames Edge is owned and managed by the Odd Fellows Home of CT. The Odd Fellows Home of CT has provided quality health care since 1892. As a financially secure, non-profit organization, Thames Edge at Fairviews' financial goals are not driven by the need to return profits to investors. Instead, we seek to make continuous improvements to the programs, living environments, and services we provide to our residents.

Why move to a community like Thames Edge at Fairview?”

  • Freedom from interior & exterior home maintenance
  • The ability to make choices for the future now
  • Social connection and companionship
  • Future health care options, if needed
  • Emergency response


How do I pay for Thames Edge at Fairview? ”

You pay an Entrance Fee that is based on square footage and location of your new home. You will have an option of three different financial entrance fee models. You pay a Monthly Fee, based on square footage. It includes most utilities, maintenance, emergency call system, access to the clubhouse, and more.

I’m not sick yet, so I am not ready to move. How will I know when I’m ready? ”

Moving to a retirement community is a very personal decision, and a process that typically involves a great deal of thought and discussion. In order to move into Thames Edge at Fairview, you must be able to live safely on your own. If you wait until a crisis happens, it may be too late.

Do I own my new home? ”

No, you are purchasing a membership in Thames Edge at Fairview. The benefit is when you vacate you do not have to worry about selling it. Also you pay renter's (instead of owner's) insurance. Any property taxes paid by the organization are included in your monthly fee.

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235 Lestertown Road
Groton, CT 06340
(860) 445.7478

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